How Did Anne Frank die?

Annelies Marie Frank who became known as “Anne” was born in Frankfurt am Main in Weimar Germany on June 12,1929.

In the year 1933 the German Nazi Party started to take control and the first anti-Jewish laws were established this prompted Anne’s father, Otto, who was aware of the discrimination they held against Jews to make the decision to move the family to Amsterdam for safety reasons. By 1941 the Franks lost their German Citizenship and were designated as Jews. After the onset of war and the subsequent occupation of the Netherlands and other countries by the Germans the position of the Jewish people had become untenable in mainland Europe. On June 12th 1942, Anne’s birthday, she received a diary as a present. Almost three weeks later Anne’s older sister Margot received a notice to report for deportation to a labour camp.

Otto Frank decided that because of this and all the persecution, imprisonment and murder of Jews that the family should go into hiding. The best place he had access to was his work office.  A week later another family the van Pels, joined them in hiding and four months after that Fritz Pfeffer joined them in the attic above the office.

Otto’s friend Miep Gies would go upstairs where they were hiding and give them food and what ever else the family needed. The Franks could not walk or talk to each other during the day so they wouldn’t get caught. They stayed in hiding for 2 years and one month.  Anne wrote in her diary almost everyday talking about how she felt being in hiding how they were living and what was going on in the war.
In the year 1944 one of the workers heard movement upstairs and betrayed the hiding families calling the Nazi police. The Franks and the other families were arrested and taken to a police station and eventually on to Westerbork transit camp. The 8 prisoners were then transported in a cattle car to Auschwitz on the last transport ever to leave Westerbork. At Auschwitz the men were separated from the women and Anne and her older sister Margot were moved to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where they both died of typhus.

Anne and Margot died in early march in the year 1945 within a few days of each other. Her father Otto Frank was the only one who survived the concentration camps. When he returned home he found Anne’s diary and published it in 1947. It then became so popular they published it in English in 1952. Since the diary came out many films and plays came out showing what the family had to go through during this tough time.